micro TTL Galilean

micro TTL Galilean loupes – Magnification:     2.5x – 3.0x



ErgonoptiX micro TTL (Throught The Lens) Galilean range of dental and surgical loupes

Designed for personal ergonomic comfort

An easy to use surgical loupe, just put it on and start working.
No adjustments (* personal IPD measurments needed during ordering)

Smaller & lighter than flip-up loupes
By removing the Flip-Up mechanism, and placing the loupes optics directly into the frames,
ErgonoptiX micro TTL loupes achieve the lightest possible weight (as little as 43 grams including the frames).

Providing a better view!
– Positioning the loupes optics as close as possible to your eyes, ErgonoptiX micro TTL loupes
provide an easier view, with a wider vision field and a crisp high definition image

– Placing the optics exactly at your personal IPD (pupil distance), the micro TTL loupes are
personally fitted to your needs and specifications so that they feel natural to use.



ErgonoptiX TTL micro Galilean loupes - Light weightLightweight: As little as 43 grams (incl. frame).

ErgonoptiX TTL micro Galilean loupes - ease of useMaximum ease: Simply put them (no adjustments needed.

ErgonoptiX TTL micro Galilean loupes - precision lensesHD precision lenses: for superb clarity and reduced reflection.

ErgonoptiX TTL micro Galilean loupes - Deep focus fieldDeep focus field: up to 200mm focus depth.

ErgonoptiX ttl micro surgical loupes - PersonalizedPersonalized: Measured to fit you personally.

ErgonoptiX ttl medical loupes - pupil distanceWide IPD range: 52 – 66mm IPD available.


ErgonoptiX TTL (Throught The Lens) medical Loupes utilize the newest optics technology to deliver a smaller and lighter magnifying loupe, which still provides a superiour image.

With an unparalleled crystal clear view and an incredibly deep focus field, the ErgonoptiX micro TTL surgical loupes are currently top of the line in Medical Optics Technology.



ErgonoptiX Through The Lens micro Galilean loupes - Working distanceWorking distance: 24mm – 70mm

ErgonoptiX Through The Lens  Galilean micro loupes - Wide field of viewWide focus field: Up to 125mm

ErgonoptiX Through The Lens Galilean micro loupes - Deep focus fieldExtra Deep focus field: 200mm

ErgonoptiX Through The Lens  medical micro loupes - Light weightLightweight: As little as 43 grams

ErgonoptiX Through The Lens surgical micro loupes - Viewing angleEasy Viewing angle: 45°

ErgonoptiX TTL dental micro loupes - Pupil distancePupil distance : 52mm – 66mm (Fixed)

ErgonoptiX TTL micro surgery loupes - Prescription lensesPrescription lenses: Insert available

How to order personalized micro TTL loupes?

Measure (or ask your local optician to measure) your IPD values (instructions for exact details can be provided)
Provide your IPD details when placing your order
Choose your frame color
You are done!

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Frame Colors
    • ergonoptix-through-the-lens-surgical-loupes-grey


      ErgonoptiX TTL surgical loupes - Grey Frames Active Grey Frames

    • ergonoptix-through-the-lens-surgical-loupes-black-active-frames


      ErgonoptiX TTL surgical loupes - Black FramesActive Black Frames

    • ergonoptix-through-the-lens-surgical-loupes-red-active-frames


      ErgonoptiX TTL surgical loupes - Red FramesActive Red Frames

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    Included in basic set, and/or available separately

    • ergonoptix-black-canvas-case-for-ttL-surgical-dental-loupes

      * Carrying case

      Available models:

      ErgonoptiX Comfort medical loupes - Black canvas Carrying case* Black canvas
      ErgonoptiX Comfort medical loupes - Hard Aluminum Carrying caseHard Aluminum

    • ergonoptix-transparent removable Hygienic lens covers for surgical dental loupes

      * Lens covers

      ErgonoptiX TTL surgical loupes - Hygienic lens coversHygienic
      ErgonoptiX TTL surgical loupes - Removable lens coversRemovable
      ErgonoptiX TTL surgical loupes - washable lens coverswashable

    • ergonoptix-micro-fiber-cleaning-cloth-for-TTL-surgical-dental-loupes

      * Micro Fiber cloth

      ErgonoptiX TTL dental loupes - Micro Fiber cleaning cloth Cleaning Cloth

    • ergonoptix-elastic-head-strap-for-TTL-surgical-dental-loupes

      * Head-strap

      ErgonoptiX TTL medical loupes - Head-strap For added stabilityFor added stability

    • ErgonopriX-large-cary-case-TTL-loupes-and-LED-light

      Large Carrying case

      ErgonoptiX TTL medical loupes - Hard Aluminum - Large Carrying case - for TTL loupes with headlamp For Loupes + Light

    • ergonoptix-other-parts-for-TTL-surgical-loupes


      ErgonoptiX Comfort dental loupes - Other accessories and parts Other accessories and parts available upon request

  • * Included in basic loupes set:

    ergonoptix-accessories-for-TTL-surgical-loupes Basic set

    • TTL loupes
    • Carrying case (canvas or metal)
    • Head strap
    • Micro-fiber cloth
    • Manual & Calibration target
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    Technical features

    TTL Galilean binocular flip-up dental and surgical loupes

    Model Power Working distance Field of view Depth of field Weight – including Frames
    ETG-2.5-RD 2.5x 30-50cm / 11,7-19,5″ 100mm / 3,9″ 200mm / 7,8″ 43gr / 1.5 ounce
    ETG-2.5-LD 2.5x 40-60cm / 15,6-23,5″ 100mm / 3,9″ 200mm / 7,8″ 43gr / 1.5 ounce
    ETG-3.0-S 3.0x 24-44cm / 9,4-17,2″ 125mm / 4,9″ 200mm / 7,8″ 49gr / 1.7 ounce
    ETG-3.0-R 3.0x 30-50cm / 11,7-19,5″ 125mm / 4,9″ 200mm / 7,8″ 49gr / 1.7 ounce
    ETG-3.0-L 3.0x 40-60cm / 15,6-23,5″ 125mm / 4,9″ 200mm / 7,8″ 49gr / 1.7 ounce
    ETG-3.0-XL 3.0x 50-70cm / 19,5-27,3″ 125mm / 4,9″ 200mm / 7,8″ 49gr / 1.7 ounce
    All Models Fixed viewing angle: 45°
    All Models Fixed pupil distance: Personalized”
    All Models Available with IPD (pupil distance): 52 – 54 – 56 – 58 – 60 – 62 – 64 – 66 mm”

    Which model loupe do I need ?

    It is important to choose the correct loupes to fit your specific needs!

    The right choice of loupe could improve your general working attitude and in the long term, your health. But a wrong choice
    of loupe would inevitably cause a wrong working attitude and an unnecessary strain on your eyes and body.

    If you don’t know what loupes you need, and you find yourself asking “Which model loupe do I need ?”

    Take a look at our loupe guide!

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