ErgonoptiX Comfort Loupes – Technical Support

Here are a few guides to information which might answer your questions

  • Loupe Guide
    How do I choose the correct magnification, working distance, frames, accessories, etc.
  • Technical Specifications
    Oversight of technical specifications for ErgonoptiX Comfort medical Loupes and LED lights.
  • TTL Guide for IPD measurements
    How do I measure my IPD (inter pupilary distance so I order the correct loupes?

  • FAQ

    Frequently asked Questions and Answers that might help you find the information you are looking for.

  • Downloads

    Download available documents (manuals, catalogue, leaflets, etc.

If you still have any questions, you can contact our technical support team directly by using this form, or scroll down for other contact methods.

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Other contact details for ErgonoptiX Technical Support:

ErgonoptiX – Technical Support Team

E-Mail : info@ergonoptix.com

– Tel: +31-(0)36-5363663

– Postal Address:

ErgonoptiX – Technical Support
Operetteweg 82
1323VC Almere
The Netherlands


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